Our Approach

What is the Mirador?

``The Mirador Basin is a geological depression found in the rainforest of Petén...``


Our History

``The Mirador Basin exists as one of the world's greatest cultural and natural treasures``


Who We Are?

``It is time to make changes... before the history is lost forever!``


Ecosystem, Science and Civilizations


We (FARES) believe that preservation begins with the communities and families who live in the villages surrounding the Mirador Basin. Turmoil caused by criminal organizations and generations of poverty and lack of education underpin many of the issues that plague the region. In our efforts to improve the quality of life for the people of Petén, we provide resources, education, and manpower to provide relief and preserve the ecosystem and the associated cultural heritage. Further, a reduction in poverty will inspire hope in the people of Petén and motivate them to take part in the conservation of their own history through the Mirador Basin Project and understand the importance of protecting the ruins of these ancient civilizations and the remarkable tropical environment that shrouds them.
We are dedicated to putting forth every effort to help the region flourish and become a safe, healthy, and strong environment for the families who live there.

By working with groups of people across the region, we teach them about their own history and their significance in the preservation of the area. We believe in educating the people and motivate them to practice conservation and sustainable habits. As they learn of and recognize the threats to their area, they become more interested in preservation of history and create a symbiotic relationship with the ecosystem.

It isn’t easy to come into an impoverished area and convince the people to help save the environment, as they have economic and educational issues that must be solved first. That is why we believe that science, for the sake of science, is sterile unless it can somehow bless the lives of people, through jobs, training, shelter and resources to help the inhabitants become economically independent. As families experience more happiness and greater levels of health, they become more understanding about preserving their world protecting the species within.



Our approach: conservation the history, civilizations and ecosystem