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We need your help. Your generous gift will provide relief for the impoverished families,
helping to repair their homes, pay their medical bills, and feed their children.

Donations and fundraising to conservation

As a non-profit organization, FARES relies heavily on donations, fundraising and volunteer work to help reach our goals. If you believe in our efforts to preserve the natural and cultural wonders of the Petén and help the families surrounding the Mirador-Calakmul Basin, please consider donating to help us “make the change”. The archaeological sites and their surrounding tropical forest context will provide the economic justification for the conservation of the area. Your generous donation will provide relief for hundreds of impoverished families, and whether you choose an annual gift or a recurring monthly donation, you will be helping to preserve a unique cultural history, save the last tract of tropical forest remaining in Central America, and contribute to a better life for the many families that live in this struggling region. We can alleviate the pressure of illegal immigration to the U.S. by providing the economic incentives to remain and thrive in their native lands. We can neutralize the threat from organized crime responsible for massive deforestation by forming the first Wilderness Area (roadless, no airstrips) in all of Latin America which will generate permanent economic justification for the preservation. And we create at world-class attraction that will draw generations of visitors to the area for centuries.

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