Non-profit research dedicated to the scientific study of humanity and environment through
conservation, education, and responsible development.
Research Office: 400 N. 160 W. Rupert, Idaho 83350
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Guatemala: (502) 334-5257, Fax (502) 360-4172

The Foundation for Anthropological Research and Environmental Studies (FARES) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3), scientific research institution and public charity formed in January, 1996 (Federal I.D. #82-0486235). The primary function of FARES is to conduct scientific research on ancient and contemporary societies and associated environments, and utilize this research for development, conservation, and education. FARES is currently working in close collaboration with the government of Guatemala and numerous prestigious foundations and institutions throughout the world. The principal objectives in close cooperation with our partners in conservation are:

(1) Scientific archaeological research and environmental studies in the Mirador Basin area of northern Guatemala. FARES sponsors the Mirador Basin Project- Regional Archaeological Investigation of the North Peten, Guatemala (RAINPEG) program which is currently exploring the origins, processual dynamics, and demise of early Maya civilization. (Partners: Global Heritage Fund, Institute of Anthropology and History of Guatemala, Ministry of Culture of Guatemala, Friends of the Cultural and Natural Patrimony of Guatemala)

(2) The preservation of the tropical rainforest in northern Guatemala and the Mesoamerican Lowlands. The forest in this region is highly threatened, but can provide new economic benefits for communities and the republic of Guatemala through the establishment of world class archaeological parks and natural preserves. FARES is assisting the government of Guatemala in the improvement of a vast conservation system in northern Guatemala which will have long-term preservation and development benefits. (Partners: Friends of the Cultural and Natural Patrimony of Guatemala, Conservation International, Nature Conservancy, The National Council of Protected Areas (CONAP), U.S. National Park Service, Institute of Anthropology and History of Guatemala (IDAEH), The Guatemala Institute of Tourism (INGUAT))

(3) Establishment of educational and career development programs for communities surrounding the Mirador Basin dealing with health, ecology, agricultural techniques, eco-tourism, financial management, health, first aid, reforestation, literacy, tourist services, artisan products, wilderness and national monument management, sustainable development, and forestry. (Partners: Fundacion Carlos F. Novella, Friends of Cultural and Natural Patrimony of Guatemala, Counterpart International, Guatemala Institute of Tourism (INGUAT))

This comprehensive developmental approach will assist in the formation of a strong, multi-disciplinary, and systematic approach to understanding human behavior and cultural relationship to the environment from both an ancient and contemporary perspective.

Your contributions and support are appreciated because of the scientific research you will have supported, the education of less fortunate that you will have allowed, the rainforest that you will have protected, and the archaeological sites you will have saved.