CNN Does Major Feature on the Mirador Basin in 2009

October 2009

CNN did a major television feature on the Mirador Basin which was hosted by CNN anchorwoman Brooke Baldwin, Producer Leif Coorlim, and a team of camera and sound technicians. Global Heritage Fund director Jeff Morgan, Francois Berger (APANAC-FARES), Dr. Roberto Labbe (APANAC), PACUNAM Executive Director Claudia Rosales, Dr. Richard Hansen (FARES), and the entire Executive Committee of PACUNAM were interviewed at El Mirador and in Guatemala City. The team spent nearly a week from June 24 through June 28 securing footage and conducting interviews. The footage was then edited and released in October and November 2009 with a special entitled “Mirador: The Forgotten City” which was broadcast world-wide for several weeks on CNN International.

Watch clips of “Mirador: The Forgotten City” below.