Media Resources

Below is a listing of a number of popular press and film productions. Please note that we are constantly adding to this list as new material becomes available.

Newspaper & Magazine Articles


Dawn of the Maya. National Geographic Special; Public Broadcasting System, (PBS) May 12, 2004

Pyramids, Tombs, and Mummies. Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel; released September & December 2002. PSL Productions, England

The Search for Site Q. British Broadcasting Corporation, Discovery. July 2000. Chris Ledyear Productions.

Lost Civilizations: Atlantis Uncovered. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Filming 1998-1999; Broadcast November 1999, April 2000. Produced by Chris Hale.

Arqueología desde el Cielo. Discovery Channel, Latin America, Europe. Oct. 28, 1998; January 1999.

Sky Archaeology. Documentary produced by Koch Television, Inc., Cabin John, Md.; Chicago. Hour feature produced for The Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel (TLC). World Premier, Aug. 17, 1998. Europe: Jan. 1999.

ABC 20/20. Ancient Kingdoms, Buried Secrets. ABC Special Feature Presentation with Hugh Downs; Aired Aug. 7, 1998.

Mexico Dreams. Documentary produced by Two Guys Productions, Los Angeles. Four hour series for national broadcast on PBS, March 1993.

El Mirador: A Preclassic City. Film produced by Brigham Young University Motion Picture Studios, 1985. 28 minutes.